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with Dhani Hoppen

Unlock Your Path to Clarity and Transformation.

This is a session for you to explore, connect, and gain clarity in your life.

We will focus on what you need to shift to create change in a certain area of your life that has been blocked or stuck.

With the Neurotap method:

a combination of nervous system regulation, vibrational, mental and emotional reprogramming.

I will help you unlock what is holding you back.


This method reconnects your body, mind, and soul, improving your relationship with yourself and others, and helps you to shape the life you desire to create.

This session is unique to each client and tailored to your unique needs.


hrough the Neurotap method, we will tap into your:

  • pattern repetitions that are not serving you anymore

  • self-sabotage behaviors

  • emotional cycles 

  • childhood patterns that need to be broken

Copy of Pack Glamour (2).png

We will reprogram your vibrational, emotional, mental, and physical body.

To bring more balance, self- awareness, and emotional freedom. 

So you can start to experience life from your authentic self, not through your personality or traumas.

This session was designed to:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Negative patterns

  • Past traumas that hinder your progress

  • Bringing you clarity and guidance on what steps to take to experience a more joyful and aligned life with who you truly are.

Gain crystal-clear clarity on what you need to do to shift what is holding you back.

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Receive actionable strategies tailored to you, with protocols and exercises to do at home, ensuring a lasting shift.


Create a road-map for transformation, healing, and personal growth with simple steps to guide you towards your goals.

  • Note: It might be necessary to have more than one session to achieve your goals.

Session is available online via Zoom platform.

"I have always been very driven but all of a sudden found myself lacking in motivation in all aspects of my life. I felt burnt out and lost. I felt as I made wrong choices and I didn’t want to continue repeating the same mistakes. What I discovered, was that I didn’t make wrong choices or mistakes but those decisions were no longer contributing to this moment of my life. I learned that it was time I changed pattern so I can harvest new seeds. I felt that in a very short period of time( after my second session) I experienced positive outcomes. In times of struggle, I apply the techniques I learned with Dhani and found them very efficient."

- Caroline

"When I started doing the sessions with Dani I had no idea how powerful it could be. It changed my life completely and I didn’t have to do much but trust and I did.
It’s magical, it’s light and it gives you space to create anything you want allowing you to be your best! Not enough words to say how grateful I am to attract Dani to my life✨"

- Marcela

"It's amazing how life always takes us to the right paths, even when we think everything is falling apart. And that's how I met Dani and my journey began. In a very challenging time of my life I tried a few different therapies and therapists but nothing seemed to make much sense at that time. from the first appointment I knew my life would never be the same. It is very easy to identify when someone is 100% living their mission in this life experience and Dani is one of those people, I could spend hours just listening to her teachings, even the most complex subjects she explains in such a clear, easy to understand and practical way. I’ve been through so many healings and big teaching sessions and courses with her, I’m forever grateful for our paths. She was definitely one of the most important guide/ healer on my awakening journey 💜"

- Cris Pinto

"I have received so much clarity from my sessions. Dhani is very gifted and uses her deep knowledge to guide towards manifesting the best version of myself. She is also a genuine, caring and professional mentor."

- Simon


1x 1h30min session: AU$208

4x 1h30min session: AU$720

6x 1h30min session: AU$918



Payment plan is availabe

Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal

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Is it the right moment for me?

If you are 100% committed to transform you mentality and your life, click on the button bellow and we can chat about your life moment and understand if the Clarity Session is for you.




Dhani Hoppen


Manifestation I Vibration I Spirituality

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Therapist, facilitator, and mentor for over 15 years, I specialize in mental and vibrational reprogramming. Passionate about Quantum Physics and Neuroscience, I am also a homeopath with a postgraduate degree in Advanced Homeopathy.

I help you raise your vibration to manifest a new reality by reprogramming your mind, aligning it with your desires and goals. Additionally, I assist in understanding your emotions, unlocking your inner power, and discovering your natural talents and abilities, which are part of your purpose, creating a light and prosperous life. Align yourself with vibrations of abundance and prosperity.

Through my work:

  • I have helped over 2000 individuals change their reality.

  • I have supported many lost individuals who now live their purpose with prosperity.

  • I have trained over 400 Access Bars and Body Process therapists.

  • I have helped many individuals unlock their manifestation power and discover that yes, they can change, transform, and experience the best that God offers us here in this reality.

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  • Bachelor's Degree in Homeopathy.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Homeopathy.

  • Bach Flower Therapist.

  • Diploma in Massage Therapy.

  • Access Bars Facilitator and Therapist.

  • Reprinting Matrix Technique Therapist.

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Therapist.

  • Training in Neurolinguistic Programming, Bioenergetics, and Subtle Anatomy.

  • Principles of Quantum Mechanics Training.

  • Trauma-Informed Therapy.

  • Nervous System Integration Therapist.

And many other courses not listed here.

My greatest strength lies in helping you identify your emotional saboteurs and balance your vibration to manifest the reality you desire in all areas of your life.

My advice for you:

Do not be afraid to go through your emotional processes; they are the bridge to unlocking your inner potential and truly knowing yourself.

"Enjoy the journey, it can be light."


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