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Quantum Soulful Business Program

Quantum Soulful
Business Program

Turning your desires into Business that fulfil your SOUL.

Are You Feeling Frustrated, Lost or Stuck?

Because deep down you desire to create a Business that you can make money with and at the same time, have a sense that you are experiencing your PURPOSE,  fulfilling your SOUL and being a CONTRIBUTION to the world? If you answered yes to one of those questions,


What is the Soulful Business Program?

This online program was developed for YOU.
For the ones who have been hearing the soul calling to create a business that is aligned with your heart and soul.
But are not clear of what specifically it is and how to create it.

Who is this program for:

Ativo 3.png
Ativo 3.png

People that know they have more to contribute but don’t know how to start.


People that are looking for fulfilment in their professional life.

Ativo 3.png

People who feel stuck, can’t take the first step, are not clear on their vision.

business program

We will UNLOCK what is holding you back.


 Create your business energy signature


You will learn how to activate your Soul Purpose blueprint


10 first steps towards your business done and dusted by the end of the program

What we will achieve together?



The program is based on 3 pillars

The 3 Pillars  will help you to create a Business on a quantum level that will Thrive.

Become internal aligned with your soul purpose

Pilar 1:


  • Becoming internal and external aligned with your soul, heart and true potential to create your soulful business​;

  • Overcoming the barriers and beliefs that are holding you back to give the first steps towards your business;

  • Discovering the gifts of your heart and how to turn it into a product, a service or a project;

  • How to activate your Soul and Life Purpose.

Pilar 2:


  • Create a clear vision of your business​;

  • Connect with your business from an energetic level to create a solid foundation​;

  • Discover your energetic roadmap and business signature;​

  • Manifesting your business into a quantum fie.

create a clear vision
10 firsr steps to create your business

Pilar 2:


  • Develop your unique platform instead of a structure;

  • Action plan to reach the first stage of your business;

  • 10 first steps of creating a quantum business done by the end of the program.

What's Included?

  • 4 Foundational Modules Included.

  • 30+ videos lessons to help you create a business from a Soul Level.

  • 15+ Quantum tools to help you on the way.

  • Exercises and charts to bring clarity and structure 

  • Meditations

  • Activations

Methods used during the program:​

  • Access Consciousness

  • Quantum techniques

  • Self Hypnosis Techniques

  • Bioenergetics

  • Coaching Techniques

access consciouness, quantum technique, self hypnosis
EFt tecnhique, healing, quantum tools


  • Quantum tools to overcome the challenges on the way.

  • Video bonus of how to use EFT Technique by yourself.

  • Sessions of Collective Healing during the program.


Your Investment
from  $888 to $180

A business created through the talents, abilities and desires of your soul is not just a business it is a gift and the world is waiting YOU to step into yours!


I absolutely loved my sessions with Dhani. She is creative and resourceful and inspired me to take a much more courageous and practical look into my life and what I dream of achieving.  Together we discovered a wide variety of solutions and steps for my business idea which is very exciting. The cherry on top of cake is her sensibility and sensitivity which made it all very unique and special. She inspired me in many ways. Highly recommend.
quantum mentor, healer, facilitator


Dhani Hoppen is a quantum mentor that has initiated her journey into the quantum world studying vibrational medicine in the areas of Naturopathy and Homeopathy. Specializing in quantum techniques has been helping people to unblock their lives, create the life they desire, and teach everyone to manifest through their knowledge and potential.

When you master your energy field, your emotional, physical body and learn how to work with the quantum field, you become the creator of your destiny.


Life will happen from you, not for you!

Graduated in Homeopathy with a Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Homeopathy (Australia), Background in Naturopathy, in addition to Intuitive Massage, Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki, Thetahealing, Remedial Massage Therapy, Quantum Healing, EFT technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Access Bars Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker, and Retreat facilitator.

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