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What Your Nervous System says about you?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours are signs of how healthy our nervous system is.

Those sensations that you don't know where it comes from, the fear without reason. The constant anxiety that you can't pick up where it started...are all signs and symptoms of how your Nervous System is functioning.

The big thing is, you create your world through those emotions, if those emotions are not real, meaning you are overreacting or under-reacting or if it is from past experiences, you are constantly recreating something that is not real and you will experience the same thing every day.

By knowing how your Nervous System is programmed, you have a big opportunity to shift the programmes that are not serving you and create new ones that are aligned with the life you desire to experience.

I have created a series of videos on Youtube to help you to bring balance back to your life by resetting your Nervous System, so you can Manifest the best version of yourself with ease.

Check the week 1 video below where I share with you 3 states of your Nervous System and how you can start to recognise how you function and how you are creating your life.

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