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Why it can be hard to manifest your dreams?

For some people, manifestation is so natural that they must be cautious about what they ask, because it will easily manifest for them.

So, why is it that for some, even though they do all the techniques and visualisation, it is not happening or it happens in a different way, and sometimes they only partially manifest?

The first thing to be aware of is that you do not need to learn how to manifest; you are already a manifestor.

The difference is: How consciously are you manifesting?

Manifestation through quantum physics, in general terms, is the ability to create a molecular arrangement, and from that, it will manifest into your life...

In other words, your energy needs to be coherent with the energy you want to attract into your life.

So before you tune into your manifestation power and conquer the world, you need to master your body and your subconscious mind.

They are the "bad" guys that are hijacking your manifestations.

Why? 90% of what we think is the same as what you thought yesterday, according to science.

When we do the same things every day, we generate the same behaviour, which will generate the same experience with the same emotions and thoughts.

Your actions, thoughts, and feelings will always balance the biochemical reactions on our body, nervous system, and genetic expression.

So to create, manifest, and change, you need to change the biochemical message you are sending to your brain. MEANING: change your behaviours, choosing differently.

How many days do you wake up and consciously create a new reality?

That's right, you probably wake up thinking about all the problems from yesterday that you still need to solve, right?

Guess what?

You recreate "the same" day every day!!!

Yes, there will be more problems. Same thoughts, same reality.

If you keep choosing and thinking the same way, your brain will create the same pathways every day, reproducing the same mental state.

And tcharammmm...

that is why you are having difficulty manifesting.

Your job is not to learn how to manifest but instead to teach your body to become coherent with your dreams and desires.

When you send new information to your brain, you induce the brain to work differently, creating new neuronal connections, and the byproduct is a new mental state.

It is impossible to manifest a new reality with the same personality;

You need to become somebody else!

So how do you start?

1: Identify habits and behaviours that don’t serve you anymore.

Start paying attention to what makes you feel uneasy or anxious and is uncomfortable.

2: Be willing to change; get out of your comfort zone; take conscious action.

3: Start choosing differently, more aligned with the energy you desire to attract into your life.

Remember: different choices; new neural pathways; new life.

When you're not acting like your old self,

you'll be able to access your manifestation power.

Happy Manifesting!

From my heart to yours.

Dhani xx

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